03 Feb – Cambridge Car Audio join The Cannon Run

We would like to welcome our new 2020 audio sponsor – Cambridge Car Audio.

Cambridge Car Audio are specialise in installations of Full DA Audio systems. If you would like to enter another world of sound quality from your vehicle, then please get in touch with them.

A Full DA Audio is one single conversion of signal. In the majority of traditional systems, the signal is changing from analog to digital multiple times before it reaches your ears. The first one at the head unit, often through low quality D/A converters, followed by further A/D and D/A conversions at the DSP. And because of these multiple conversions you lose sound quality.

With Full DA HD technology it allows us to perform just one single conversion from digital into analog through the amazing converters inside the amplifiers that they use.

If you want to take your car to have the ultimate hifi experience, then you only need to make one call. Their team are all FITAS approved and carry out work on some of the most amazing hifi systems in the UK.