11 Dec The Cannon Run 2019 Season Dates Released!

2018 was the make-over, 2019 is the take-over…

So after an unbelievable successful 2018 season The Cannon Run is returning next year with an absolute bang! The infamous Spring Break and Ireland Run events are return along with our main event the European Mega Run. We have also added some amazing new adventures to the calendar including the all new Land Lords 4×4 Expedition in March, ‘The Gravity Run’ a modified car specific event in association with Slammed UK in July and the Motorsport heritage tour ‘The Dream Run’ which journeys from the UK and visits the best of Italy race and 4 supercar and motorsport factories.

“The Cannon Run’s supercar rallies have become an integral part of modern-day supercar culture. they epitomise everything that is great about the opportunities that come with owning and driving the very best cars that are on offer today.”

Katy Woodley – Autosport International.

(Cars parked up at The Sunborn Hotel ready to begin the 2018 European Mega Run)

“One of the best buzz’s in my life, the mega run was one of the best things I’ve ever done”

Shane Lynch – Boyzone, Celebrity Big Brother

The Cannon Run team are car guys and girls from every corner of the motoring community so our aim in 2019 is to cover every kind of petrol head! No matter what car scene you’re in or what car you drive, we have an event for you! Live your dream and hit the road with an epic crew! Be sure to check out our EVENTS page now and get yourself signed up.