13 July The Twin Turbo Aventador Update

Hello Cannon Run Family! Finally, we have progress on our Aventador build at JM IMPORTS UK.

The final fabrication work is now complete and the car is running, the build was completely custom and is now working and operating perfectly, today the car was dialled in on the JM dyno and made a comfortable 890 horse power, bear in mind the vehicle is still not fully mapped (mapping finished next week) – JM are now doing some road tests!

The spec of the car is now as follows Precision 5858 Turbo x2 (1300hp Capability)

Turbo Smart Waste Gate x2 Race port

Turbo Smart x2 Custom Exhaust System

Custom Charge Tank

Custom Charge Coolers x2

Custom Plenum Pipes

Sebtrab Custom Radiator x2

Custom Secondary Oil Pump

Custom Secondary Water Pump

Turbo Smart Oil Regulator

Custom Lines & Drain System

Custom Engine Sump Turbo Blankets x2

Custom Heat Shield.

Stay tuned to our social media over the coming days to see final updates and figures on our Vendor Roadster TT!!