The Cannon Run Ireland by Al

The Cannon Run Ireland by Al

So, where do we start? Our First Cannon Run Event in Ireland was epic! Here is the full report:

To match the Cannon criteria of Epic Roads, Wow factor scenery and of course some fine Irish culture we came to the conclusion that the event had to make its way to the West Coast and hit the Wild Atlantic Way. Needless to say the plan got approved and the event started to gain legs.

After filling the whiteboard with brainstorming sessions and scouring through different ideas of route and check point venues we finally came up with a route that we knew our entrants would enjoy. Now we had to ad in some epic stop offs.

Ok so lets get to the run itself, when we arrived into Dublin it looked a bit like this…

Peter Taylors McLaren 720s & Jay Cannon’s McLaren 570s

On Thursday the 26th we had our official launch party at the exclusive Number Twenty Two, Dublin City. The busy little streets of Irelands capital didn’t know what hit it when The Cannon Run closed off St. Annes street with the hype of The Cannonrun Girls,  Monster Energy and Supercars!

The Cannon Run Girls Sabrina, Sophie and Sam shutting down St Annes Street Dublin

Top Irish Model Alli MacDonnell with the LB Works Ferrari 458

Head Goon Buttsy Butler joined us for the entire event in a Ferrari F12 with Sheik Amaro

It was a surreal sight having the Liberty Walk 458 which had originally travelled all the way from the Ukraine for the London to Marbella Mega run back in June. Having the LB,  Jays’s McLaren 570s AKA “The Joker”  and Peter Taylor’s 5 day old 720s parked on a familiar street in my humble home town was truly amazing.

“I’m Grand, I’m Grand with a pint of black and a mic in me hand”

We had up and coming Dublin grime act Mango X Mathman, Belfast comedian Lewis Q Ball and Willo from Black Wax Records Dublin Tear up the stage to start the event in full Cannon Run style! Big shout out to all of them for making the night extra rad. Also special thanks to Brook and his team for hosting the entire launch event. The enjoyed it so much they had to join us for the rest of the run!

CEO Jay Cannon welcoming the teams to Ireland on stage.

Dublin City Shutdown!

Day 1: Dublin – Cork – Galway

The start-line was held at the awesome Wright Venue in Swords, Dublin. Ill be honest, the planning stress and amount of work put into this hole event smothered any excitement I had right until the moment I seen all of the cars gathering together and the teams smiling, buzzing getting to know each other and building friendships already while applying the last of their stickers to the vehicles.

It had hit me like “Holy sh*t” Ive brought all of these awesome people together with their equally awesome cars to Ireland! Drivers safety briefing and a run through the drivers itinerary and we were off!

Sheik Amaro

The Lb Works X Cannon Run 458 hard parked outside The Wright Venue Dublin

The AMG Black Series CLK63 arriving to the startline

Epic rolling shot of the Ferrari F12 on route to Cork!

When deciding on the route I knew I had to ad some Irish Culture in, now I know most people come over to drink Guinness and Kiss the Blarney stone, but this was a Cannon Run. Irish Motorsport culture is what I had in mind. My first checkpoint was at Adventure Park in County Cork where we were met by 5 drivers from the Irish Drift Championship ready to demonstrate what is the biggest and growing 4 wheeled sport on the emerald isle.

As part of the demo we kept is as a surprise until we arrived to have the 570 being driven by Jay Cannon perform a twin drift battle with Tomas Falvey in his 750hp Nisaan S15 Drift Car. We were greeted by typical Irish Rainy weather but not even that could of brought down the buzz of some Cannon-runner’s first experience of the sport and everyone else’s first view of a supercar being thrown into the mix!

After the amazing reception in Cork the trip made its way to the famous Galway city (Thanks Ed Sheeran) to give everyone a proper taste of an Irish night out! Live Music, Pints and all the craic agus Ceol!

Day 2 : Galway – Westport – Sligo

Here is where the driving got interesting, Wild Atlantic Way style. So first lets give you some info on what the WAW is. The Wild Atlantic Way is the longest defined coastal route on earth, stretching just over 1500 miles with some challenging road conditions and insane scenery.

The Drive Tribe Ford GT40 on its way from Galway

I have done sections of it in the past that a Land Rover defender would be the only weapon of choice so deciding on a route section suitable for a convoy of Supercars is something that required a lot of thought and planning. Luckily when doing my research I found the perfect road. Maum Cross to Louisberg, truly out of this world scenery. It was like driving through a Dragon scene from Game Of Thrones. We then passed the magnificent Croagh Patrick mountain on our Wild Atlantic way into our lunch stop at Westport house. I was overwhelmed by the crowd of supercar fans there to greet us on our way in!

The Wild Atlantic Way, Galway

Our stop of point for the night was Rosses Point, County Sligo. Another amazing turnout of petrol heads and car fans to welcome us in to one of the most beautiful places on the WAW.

A beautiful Ferrari 488 parked by the sea at Rosses Point, Sligo

From the lows to the highs, we had it all.

Wings up! Sligo Line up.

Day 3 : Sligo – Downhill beach – Carrig a Rede – Belfast

This was goodbye to the Wild Atlantic Way and hello to the Causeway Coastal Drive. Firstly we had a fuel stop of in Letterkenny, Donegal. Being rally country is was only natural to have our biggest welcome so far. We couldn’t believe the amount of people waiting to see our humble event travel through their town!
As we entered the coast of Northern Ireland the roads and scenes became breath taking.

Which is the rarest of the three? We can’t decide.

Fist Bump! Team Dublins MX5 Roadster blended right in with the supercar line up!

Twisty roads with castle ruins on the left and sky scraping mountains on the right with the sun cutting the clouds wide open. A sight to behold! We hit our first checkpoint of the day, Downhill Beach County Antrim. Have you ever seen a 250k Ferrari F12 sand drifting with a McLaren 570s? We the thousands of spectators who showed up did and they feckin loved it! Big shout out to Sheik Amaro, Buttsy Butler and Jay Cannon for putting on the show and of course the coast guard for setting up a safe zone for the live action!

Sandy Ferrari Drifting at Downhill Beach

Downhill Beach SHUT DOWN!

Bumble Beach Bentley of Team Bee Cool

The last check point of the day was the famous Northern Irish tourist attraction The Carrig-a-Rede road bridge, I would like to thank the national trust allowing us to display all of the vehicles and for managing the traffic through the again unexpected thousands of fans who came out to see the event!

The Finish Line was held at the Hilton Hotel in Belfast, as everyone arrived there was an amazing “we made it” buzz flying around along with the stories unfolding from the few days. The cars had all made it with no mechanical issues, not even the 1961 Ford GT40 Drive Tribe team car!

The awards ceremony was full of laughs presented by Lewis Q Ball, we gave The Spirit of The Cannon Run to 15 year old Mathew Maloney. He had convinced his Mum and Dad to bring him on the event if he saved up all of his allowance to pay for himself. Apparently the lawn never looked so good in the weeks leading up to the event!

Car of the Run went to Alex and James from Drive Tribe in the GT40. The Epic Le Mans car’s longest journey before this was apparently just 71 Miles so epic moves bringing it all over Ireland!

Goon of the Run went to Ben Holleran in the BMW M4 vert for constantly interrupting our briefings and generally being the life and soul of all of the gatherings. Proper Geeza.

Finally we gave the Cannon Run Choice Award (it means anything we want) to Jim Cannon. He’d not taken a vacation in 5 years previous to coming over and made the Cannon Run Ireland the maiden voyage for his Monster Brabus G Series Squared!

Black Mamba

All in all the event was a complete success, I just want to say thank you to The Cannon Run for giving me the opportunity to run an event from a  blank canvass. Its something I’ve always wanted to do since I first started in this industry around ten years ago. I’m still on a high at how perfect it all went and the fact that myself and the team are the reason for starting life long friendships and making unforgettable memories is the best part of it all.

I also would like to thank everyone who made it out to all of our stops and stood in the rain in some cases to see us roll through towns and venues, you guys make it!

Lastly I would like to thank all of our sponsors and teams that without none of this would be possible!

Ireland, we will be back soon with ten times more cars and ten times more craic. You aint seen nothing yet!

Stay tuned for the Official movie by F40 Media and a full write up in the Irish Sun newspaper!

Got Cannon Run fever after hearing all about this? Our next event is September Slammer UK!
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Images from Supercar Co Pilot, Jerry Mcarthy, Chris Shaw @ Drifted, F40 Media, Project Cr8 Media and Drive Tribe

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