We are just 20 days away from another Run! Below is a list of people you could be joining or seeing on our September Slammer Run from the 14th-16th September 2018.

HARRY MAIN – Professional BMX Rider

Harry Main is arguably the most influential BMX rider in the world right now. With over 500,000 followers on social media and 19,000,000 downloads on his YouTube channel, it’s impossible to deny the impact he has had on the BMX world. Harry never set out for this though. He’s always been a true BMXer through and through, but due to his love of fast cars amongst other cool things, he quickly became a role model to BMXers (and non-BMXers alike) all around the world. Harry will be joining us for his first Cannon Run this September. He will be vlogging for his YouTube channel so keep an eye open for the videos!

JODIE KIDD – English Fashion Model/Race Car Driver/TV Personality 

Jodie Kidd is well known from her Supermodel career as well as being handy behind the wheel of a fast car! She had a short period of holding the fastest Celebrity Lap Time on Top Gear in 2003 as well as racing for Maserati. She has made Television appearances on Top Gear, Celebrity Masterchef, Strictly Come Dancing and The Jump.

SHANE LYNCH – Boy Band Singer/Drifter/TV Personality 

After enjoying our European Mega Run 2018 Shane couldn’t resist to join us again for our September Run. You may know Shane from famous Boy Band ‘Boyzone’ or off of last years Celebrity Big Brother. Shane will be in the Cannon Run Rolls Royce Phantom along side Buttsy Butler. Shane is also a professional drifter.

DAPPER LAUGHS – Social Media/TV Personality/Comedian 

Dapper Laughs has also agreed to join us for his second Run after we attended his movie premier in London for ‘Fanged Up’. Dapper Laughs is well known across social media with over 5 million fans and also starred entered the  Celebrity Big Brother house along side Shane in 2017, he will join Shane in the Cannon Run Rolls Royce for a weekend of luxury.

With 50 cars booked on for the Run before September has even begun it’s going to be an excellent trip with celebrity attendance, amazing stop offs and hotels, scenery, roads and cars! Keep an eye on our Social Media over the weekend to see how we’re getting on and for behind the scenes action!

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