So after an insanely busy past few weeks, we’re finally getting the opportunity to tell you all how incredible the 4th annual ‘Cannon Run September Slammer’ was. The completely sold out event commenced from Liverpool’s famous Royal Albert Dock. What an epic sight it was to fill up the historic site with some of the best 4 wheeled machines from all across the UK!

Once all teams had arrived, all drivers proceeded with official event sign which then leads to the safety briefing. As all of our road trip events are selling out, we created a new safety feature to ad to the convoy of epic metal. Two  JEEP Wranglers specifically designed and built by Project Khan for Cannon Run led the event alongside the Varlowe Porsche GT3 Pace Car. These safety vehicles ensured that every car stayed together, followed the route correctly and above all kept the route safe for Cannonrunners and all other road users.

Oh you thought because we said safety vehicles you thought they couldn’t be rad? Nope, they’re pretty rad!

Even the Cannon Run girls think so!

Out of all the events this year so far September Slammer’s Classic Car game was strong! Like this epic yellow Lamborghini Diablo, that V12 exhaust tone is an uncommon sound these days with all these elcro-economy friendly Supercars.

An Older Bolder classic, the evil front end of Tattoo artist Luke Sayer’s Dodge Charger.

More American Muscle, that hood scoop is NOT just for looks. I can assure you this 2nd Gen Chevy Camaro was far from standard.

“Rollin’ in my 5.0 with my rag top down so my hair can blow”. Mustang GT Vert on the startline.

September Slammer saw the return of Saudi Sheik and all round gent Amro! This time he brought a savage Huracan spider!

HA GOT YA C63 arrives at the regroup point 1 in the beautiful Lake District, Cumbria.

Katie acting natural on the far from mellow yellow Lamborghini Murcielag0.

Your car, your co-pilot and the open road. Living the dream Lambo cruising through some picturesque scenes as we departed regroup one in the Lake District.

The Cannon Run LB*Works Ferrari 458 and the Varlowe Pace Car stopped looking like a cut scene from Need For Speed hot pursuit.

We couldn’t come up with a witty caption for Pro Rally Driver Peter Taylors’s savage McLaren 720s. So instead here is some fun facts about it. It can do 0-60 and back to 0 again in 5.6 seconds, it has a “Variable Drift Control” button, the Suspension was designed by students and the stereo system is made almost entirely of carbon fibre, making it the lightest stereo to ever to appear in any car. Don’t believe us? Google it.

The driver of this epic Ford F150 Lightning had the patience of a saint as he was up to his eyes in Fast and Furious quotes. “You’re running parts for Harry now?” ok we’ll stop.

“Hey I see your a Yellow Lamborghini, Im actually a Yellow Lamborghini Myself!”
If you know you know. If you don’t, well sign your ass up for The next Cannon Run! Well not your ass, your car and your friends. Final regrouping point before making our way to out final stop of day one Ramside Hall hotel!

Our evening event at the luxurious Ramside Hall was a live Charity auction, we also had been selling raffle tickets in the weeks leading up to September Slammer for this extremely rare fully restored Seat 600 (Pretty much a Fiat 500 but for the Spanish market back in the 50s and 60s)
As you can see it was very popular for photos at the party! We were glad nobody realised it could actually fit in the hotel elevator.


We left Durham and headed north of the border with Edinburgh in our sights, a convoy of wild vehicles touring through the Scottish countryside was a sight to behold!

Project Khan Jeep  Safety Monsters lead the way from the Ramside Hall hotel.

The Genesis audio sponsored Murdered out Rolls Phantom awaits its last passenger before rolling out!

Get the shot! Jamie from our Official Media team ‘Project Cr8’ Shootin from a Stang!

Mercedes AMG GTS. Did you know these cars are the first production road car to come standard with a dry sumped engine? Cool innit.

German Power! Battle Ready Audi RS6 and heavily modified BMW M4 hard parked at our Edinburgh hotel.

Our Edinburgh party venue was Tonic Bar, this bar is so Cannon Run that even the owner has been on the Europe run twice! Thanks for having us Nick! Make sure to stop by if your ever in this beautiful city.

Buttsy Butler, Katie Royal, Harry Main and Fran Cosgrave. What we love most about Cannon Run is bringing amazing people together!

Slippery When Wet.


The last leg of any Cannon Run event always has the mixed atmosphere of achievement and also sadness because everyone knows the finish line is near. As we headed back south to the Newcastle City centre we stopped off at a beautiful regrouping point at Edin Hill Stables where we were met by 100s of local car fans!

Its a Spider man. The Cannon Run LB*Works Ferrari 458 is a controversial beauty.

E-Lambo? Don’t think so man.

The lady in red Jaguar F-Type, these are such a cool sounding car!

He Cayman, he saw man. We really liked the look of this modded Porsche Cayman sitting chilled at the final Regroup before Newcastle.

Crouching Tiger hidden film crew getting the sweet shots as we roll in to the New Castle finish line at the Vermont Hotel! There is a full edit of this event coming very soon by Sixbe Media and Project Khan so please stay tuned for more Cannon Run September Slammer coverage!

The Sept Slam Fam. We had some amazing cars but met some even more amazing individuals on this run. We don’t wanna sound too soppy but thank you all for making all of our events absolutely Mega.

Monster Energy Driver Buttsy Butler presents The Cannon Run car of choice award. It went to the velvet wrapped Bmw i8 with a Bullet proof gold plated wind shield! A wild machine!

So that was September, all in all another unforgettable experience. We’ve made more friends for life and even now we are loving the stories and media being sent to us from all corners of the event. The Cannon Run’s aim is to take people on the driving holiday of a life time. A trip that you’ve only seen on TV or in Movies and never thought would be possible, we had the same dream once and now we are making them come through for anyone who wants to join. We love the adventure, we love all cars and most of all we love the people we meet along the way!

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, especially our headliners Varlowe Industrial Services for making these events possible. All of our Media teams for covering all of our adventures and of course all of our dedicated staff!

Gutted you missed the last Cannon Run? Dont worry! Check out our two upcoming events below!

Land Lords is a new event added to our yearly calendar, the 4×4 only Expedition starts from Luton on the 16th of November 2018. Please email info@thecannonrun to request a full info pack!
You can also book this event here:×4-expedition/

The famous Cannon Run Xmas Finale is back! 1st-2nd of December 2018. This is always a sold out event bringing all Cannon Run teams from this year and past years together for a road trip and an amazing Christmas Ball! Email to request a full info pack, you can also book on right here:

Stay Classy planet earth!

Team Cannon Run.

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