22 Jun France closed their borders!

In the fine month of June, a mere 24 hours before our flagship event “The Mega Run London 2 Ibiza”, we received news that the French authorities were closing their borders with immediate effect to all tourists except for those conducting essential travel.

With hotels booked and awaiting our arrival across Europe these new rules certainly presented our team with a humongous dilemma and an increasingly short amount of time to find a solution. With 220 very anxious customers ready to leave the UK and embark on their well-earned holiday we had no choice but to pull up our sleeves and sort the problem. Several hours in and after contacting numerous companies to arrange shipping & transportation of our customers cars to Spain we couldn’t help but feel the pressure and doubts began to arise within the team if we could actually pull it off.

With just under 24 hours’ notice and a lot of time spent attempting to sort transport logistics with ferry companies the team had to look at another solution. By this point team morale was running low with so much time already lost with the ferries companies we now had to go back to the drawing board and find an alternative method to get our clients to Ibiza.

Finally, good news, after taking it back to the drawing board the team suggested we hire a large private jet capable of taking all our clients direct to Ibiza. At this point there was truly no other option, we picked up the phone and booked a 147-seat private jet set to fly from Biggins Hill airport in London all the way to Ibiza.

Now this wasn’t our initial plan and of course we all love our motors but if you thought this was just a normal flight to Ibiza, well, you’d be mistaken because that’s not how Cannon Air rolls…I mean flies! This flight was unlike anything any of us had experienced before it was spectacular, forget the in-flight chicken or beef, Cannon Air live musicians playing Jazz Sax during the flight accompanied by our very own audio system and to top off the whole experience our jet was loaded the night before with Jatt Life vodka and it’s safe to say everyone was completely #jatted by the time we began our decent to Ibiza.

Touchdown, we landed in Ibiza without incident and loaded onto two luxury coaches and headed to The Hard Rock Hotel where we partied the night away at our exclusive roof top party. After two sensational days of Hard Rock madness we then moved to the 7 Pines Resort for a relaxing 4 days with pre-organised events in-between. The last 4 days consisted of multiple water sports with a huge selection of motorized toys like jet skis, electric surfboards and when we weren’t playing with little toys we hired a large boat for a huge boat party & two private yachts for a full day of luxury sea exploration around the island.

Are you reading this thinking “Wow, I wish I was there” well the good news is were going back! That’s right the second event will now be taking place again at the end of August, this time with our supercars! How you ask? Because we have changed the route in the first 2 days and have cut France out! Spain here we come, first stop Bilbao and then on to San Sebastian where we pick back up on the same route that was planned originally via the Pyrenees Mountains.

If the trip sounds like something you’d want to join then check out the events section on our website for more information or call the team on 0800 246 1745.


The Cannon Run Team.