27 Jan Garage Update

The Cannon Run garage update.

Starting off with the Aventador, she has now landed at JM Imports and procedures have started to check the health of the car with some compression tests and diagnostics after which the car will be strapped to the dyno and lay down some power runs before the strip down starts! We will keep you updated on this crazy twin turbo conversion.

Second on the agenda is our latest purchase a 2016 Lamborghini Huracan Spider – with a difference! This particular car is fitted with a VF Supercharger, Syvecs ECU, Armytrix Exhaust, Carbon Lip Kit & has a full respray in a Mclaren Special Paint. The spider is booked in with Evolve Wrap of Manchester to be twinned with our Aventador in Hexis Copper Chrome Bronze, whilst it’s there is also having new DMC wheels & rear wing installed.

Last but not least, our Ferrari F12 is now in the hands of DC Customs and work has started to install the Duke Dynamics carbon wide body conversion with a set of 3 piece custom split rims wrapped in Pirelli tyres. We’ll be back with more garage updates soon!

Thanks TCR Team.