30 Jun The Mega Run Update

The Mega Run has had a slight route change to save any hassle with the French.

Day 1 will now see us depart our London start line and make our way to Plymouth where we will be hopping onto a 20 hour ferry direct to Spain. At 3pm we will begin boarding and make our way straight to the bar for some Jatt Life! After sinking a few drinks and socialising with your fellow Cannon Runners it’ll be time to get your head down because before you know it we’ll be back up and eating breakfast ahead of our departure in Spain.

We’ll be driving through Santander port in temperatures soaring past 30 degrees so for those of you who can, roll down your roofs, slap on the sun cream and let’s hit the road towards San Sebastian!

On arrival to San Sebastian which is on the northern coast of Spain, there will be a 5 star hotel awaiting your check-in and on standby-by to present you with an evening full of entertainment.

The next day will see us resume our original route through the Pyrenees Mountains where we will indulge in some of the most spectacular breathtaking views and driving roads. This route is unlike any we have ever experienced on a road trip before, after a day of driving through the mountain passes we will arrive at the gorgeous 5 Star Andorra Park Hotel where you can relax and rejuvenate in peace, surrounded by the beautiful landscape.

The rest of our event has remained the same so upon waking up in Andorra we will once again be starting those engines and making pace towards Barcelona which will be the final stop before…you guessed it Ibiza!

We are happy to confirm The Hard Rock Hotel is our first destination in Ibiza but then we’ll be moving onto the more tranquil and relaxing resort of Bless. (Bless Hotel, Ibiza)

During our stay in Ibiza we have 4 private events planned, the first is an exclusive rooftop party at The Hard Rock Hotel followed up by our second event which will see Cannon Run clients in an all-out reserved VIP section at O Beach with Wayne Lineker as our personal host. We then have a Cannon Run only pool party at Bless Hotel, Ibiza and then finally our final event will be our very own Award Ceremony and final celebrations at the roof top bar of Bless to give recognition to those who have made this trip possible and to celebrate those of you who have come on this journey with us.

If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to call one of our team members on 0800 246 1745 or by dropping us an email to admin@thecannonrun.com

We look forward to hosting your dream holiday this coming August!