30 Mar – Cannon Run organiser offers support to NHS workers

James Cannon from Telford, who is in charge of the Cannonball Run, has offered the free use of his businesses 22-seater Mercedes minibus to pick up NHS staff or patients for as long as it is needed after hearing of the situation facing hospital staff as they battle to save coronavirus patients.

After hearing of the difficulties hospital staff have had getting food James, 29, has also been buying groceries and delivering them to Princess Royal Hospital to be shared between workers.

He has delivered two lots of the food and has asked anyone who wishes to donate to keep buying for the hospital workers – so they can focus on keeping people alive – to get in touch.

James said: “The luxury Mercedes coach normally takes our clients to and from events in the evenings. We have not got any events for three months so we are looking to give it to the NHS if they can make use of it with assistance in moving patients or staff.

“We will gladly give it to them for three months, or as long as it takes.”

James said the situation in supermarkets with large queues and panic buying leaving shelves empty had encouraged him to want to try and help make sure hospital workers were able to get what they need to keep going.

He said: “You have got some staff working 16 or 17 hours a day, there is no time for them to go shopping and even if they can when they get there the shelves might be empty.

“We have been going once a week, buying fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and meat and delivering it to staff at the hospital.”


He added: “We are after any sort of food donations or any food that we can get to the staff. We have already had a very generous donation but anyone who wants to donate please get in touch.”

James’ business provides driving holidays for supercar drivers, and the most recent event involved 146 cars and celebrity participants.

He added: “While we are in shutdown we just want to do what we can for the NHS.”

Anyone who wishes to donate can contact James at [email protected]

Written by: Dominic Robertson

Original article link: https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/health/coronavirus-covid19/2020/03/28/cannon-run-organiser-offers-support-to-nhs-workers/