30 Oct – UK Sole distributors of 1016 Industries Body Kits

Sole UK distributers

We are very proud to announce we are now the sole UK distributers for 1016 industries, we will be working in partnership with Deranged based in Essex to bring the baddest of USA body kits to the streets of our home land.

From McLaren’s to Lamborghini’s we can cater for all vehicles across the super car market. We have multiple kits, wheels & exhausts available for all!

Forged carbon to fibreglass, we can also cater for most people’s budgets to. The high grade kits are full carbon fibre with the highest quality finish. Even the fibreglass options are absolutely flawless.

Very soon we will be building the first 1016 industries car in the UK, this will be the feature demo vehicle and will be available for viewing in the team Deranged showroom just outside of London. The car will also be on display at Autosport 2021 on the 1016 industries UK stand.

We have build slots available for January 2021. Please call us direct to discuss options and quotations.

1016 x The Cannon Run

0800 246 1745