It’s time for us to hit the road as a team and make sure The Mega Run 2023 is perfected to the highest standard.

An exciting week lies ahead for The Cannon Run, with THE MEGA RUN trip fast approaching in June, it’s time for us to hit the road as a team and make sure it is perfected to the highest standard.

On Monday 27th Feb we depart and will be tackling the roads, exploring the evening venues and luxury hotels on the research trip.

You’ll be able to see most of our journey via our social media and our website, where we will share with you some of the highlights to give you the best feel of where the Mega Run will take us!

Current socials:

Instagram: @thecannonrunofficial @jaycannonofficial

Facebook: @thecannonrun

YouTube: @thecannonrun

On every European event we add in some of the finest attractions as we locate them on the journey, this gives our wonderful clients some extra surprises a long the way.

This year’s route will take us via Luxembourg, Lyon, Monaco and then onward into Italy and Bologna ‘The Home of Lamborghini’, Maranello ‘The Home Of Ferrari’ and then onward to Florence and Rome for our final stop.

As per Mega Run tradition we always host an extended 3 day stay and this time we are extremely excited for the infamous ‘Amalfi Coast’ which is unfamiliar territory to The Cannon Run team and has us all on the edge of our seat for our arrival to the unbelievably beautiful coastline of southern Italy.

For more information regarding The Mega Run 2023, See our events section on the website and enjoy browsing through our 5* trips.

The Cannon Run Team.