You must understand the risks involved in participating in this type of event. It is an adventure and can therefore be dangerous. You are responsible for everything you do and we accept NO responsibility whatsoever.
The Cannon Run (the ‘Event’) is NOT A RACE or time trial. Participants must not compete at any level with each other or other road users. Anyone found doing so will be removed immediately from the Event and no refund will be issued. You must drive with care and attention for your own safety and the safety of others at all times.
The Event is not a guided tour – it is a navigational road trip where you will be given a daily finish point and be expected to navigate to it with your own map/Sat Nav system.
Where a Group Booking is made all persons booked under the lead name of the booking agree to the Terms & Conditions set out here.


The cannon run reserve the right to remove any discounts and offers without prior notice.

Black Friday offer ends at midnight 28th November 2022. 15% only applies at the time of purchase eg. if booking an event deposit you will only receive 15% off the deposit not the full event price. In order to get 15% off the full event price, the full payment option will have to be selected and purchased.


All participants must be 18 or over on the first day of the Event.


Entry fees must be paid 6 weeks before the event start date, any failure to do so will result in the team being removed from the Event. Deposits and entry fees are non-refundable. The entry fee does not include any personal expenses during the Event, such as fuel, tolls, food, drink, fines, repair costs or any other expenses of any kind.
If, for any reason, you decide to withdraw either before or during the Event, your fee is neither transferable nor refundable. We advise you to take out suitable insurance if you think this will be a problem.
The Event organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to the Event.


Once you have entered the Event (deposit paid), your vehicle and member details are final. Any amendments may result in an administration fee being payable (at the discretion of the Event organisers).

  1. a) Driving Licence – all drivers must hold a valid full UK driving licence
    b) Vehicle insurance – for all drivers
    c) MOT certificate – as the condition of a vehicle may deteriorate within the period of an MOT, it is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition for the event.
    d) Valid Passport – for all participants
    It is the sole responsibility of the participants to ensure that their documents are in order. They must be valid from the beginning up to, and including, the last day of the Event. You will be required to sign to this effect at the Event launch. Failure to sign the registration form will result in disqualification from the Event without refund.
    You cannot participate in any other vehicle than the one registered.

By paying the entry fee you agree to have the The Cannon Run and all official Event sponsors’ stickers placed on your vehicle at all times during the Event. All stickers are non-permanent, are easy to remove and will not leave any damage to your vehicle. The Event organisers are therefore not responsible for any claims of damage to your vehicle as a result of applying or removing such stickers.


All participants must drive safely and at all times obey the specific regulations for each country visited. This includes (but is not limited to) speed regulations, highway laws, vehicle safety laws and laws relating to the possession or use of alcohol or drugs.
It is up to you to ensure that you are fully up to date with the driving requirements for each country you visit. Some countries require you to carry certain equipment. You will be provided with a driving guide prior to commencement of the rally; however this may not be an exhaustive list.


For teams of two, accommodation will be either a twin or double room; for teams of three, a triple room (double or twin with an additional single bed); for teams of four, two separate twin or double rooms will be provided. The Event organisers will endeavour to provide the requested room type (either twin or double) but cannot guarantee this. A credit card must be provided for each room as a security deposit when checking in. It will be charged at check out for any costs (such as food and drinks) or damages.


All participants must conduct themselves responsibly and in an appropriate manner at all times. You must not consume alcohol whilst driving, drive whilst under the influence of alcohol (or any other intoxicating substance) or drive if your ability to do so safely is compromised by illness, lack of adequate rest, or any other condition. Any illegal behaviour will result in the cancellation of your participation without refund.


The Event organisers accept no responsibility for the consequences of you being refused entrance into or exit out of any country, city, venue or premises during the Event. Any additional costs incurred are solely the participants’ responsibility. If you miss a pre-arranged ferry, it is your responsibility to pay for any additional costs.


If you fail to complete any part of the route or become unable to continue at any stage of the Event, you will not be entitled to a refund.


The Event organisers reserve the right to either change the Event schedule or cancel the Event at any time.


All participants consent to be photographed and to be included in any filming of the Event. You consent to the use of your name, image, likeness, voice and biographical material in connection with any and all footage, publicity and related promotional material. Participants are only entitled to take photographs and film footage of the Event for non-commercial purposes.


You are not permitted to use the ‘The Cannon Run’ logos or branding under any circumstance other than placing stickers on your vehicle. This includes any printed material or websites.

  1. a) The names, images and logos identifying The Cannon Run and all associated companies or third parties and any products and services are proprietary marks of these parties. Nothing in the Terms shall be construed as conferring to you any licence or right under any intellectual property right of any of the above parties unless expressly stated otherwise.
    b) All copyright, trade marks and other intellectual property rights in the Website (including the design, arrangement and look and feel) and all material, software or content supplied as part of the Website, shall remain at all times our property or the property of our licensors and is protected by intellectual property law.

By signing below, you are agreeing that you will not organise, invest in or fund a rally or similar event which attempts to replicate the Event or any of its unique features, activities and components or which seeks to benefit in any way from the Organiser’s branding or goodwill. Doing so will result in legal action by the Organiser and you hereby agree to remain liable for any and all costs incurred by the Organiser on a full indemnity basis


The Event organisers cannot accept liability or refund monies if the Event has to be amended or cancelled due to any circumstances outside our control or that we could not foresee or avoid. Such as (but not limited to) war, threat of war, riot or civil unrest, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural disasters, epidemic diseases, adverse weather conditions, ferry delays or traffic delays. Neither can we be held responsible if certain attractions change their opening times or are closed.


The Event organisers reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Participants will be notified of the changes and will be deemed to have accepted the amended terms and conditions by participating in the Event.


You will indemnify the Event organisers, its officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents and sponsors against any and all claims, lawsuits and causes of action brought against them by any third party as a result of your action or participation in the Event, including without limitation, your violation of any laws or regulations or your breach of these Terms and Conditions of entry.


If any participants violate any of the above terms and conditions or refuse to follow the instructions given prior or during the Event by the Event organisers, you may be prohibited from any or further participation in the Event.


These terms and conditions and your participation in the Event are governed by English law and you submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England.


By making payment and by booking your place, you accept and acknowledge that:

  1. a) You have read and fully understand the Terms and Conditions contained within this Agreement;
    b) You agree and abide to the Terms and Conditions contained within this Agreement;
    c) You have read, fully understand and accept the terms of the Waiver;
    d) You acknowledge and accept that you have had the opportunity to take independent legal advice

The Bowers, Bowers Lane, Nateyby, Preston, PR3 0JD

Correspondence Address


Competitions Terms & Conditions

  1. The Promoter

The Promoter is: The Cannon Run Limited Company Number 08806785 and whose registered office is at 128 City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX

Our correspondence address is 128 City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX

If you wish to contact us for any reason, please email info@thecannonrunofficial

  1. The competition

2.1. These terms and conditions apply to all competitions listed on the Promoter’s website at (the “Website”)

2.2. An entry fee is payable each time you enter via our online entry method (“Online Entry Route”), Each person who enters either via the Online Entry is an “Entrant” for the purpose of these Terms and Conditions.

  1. How to enter

3.1. The competition will run from and to the opening and closing dates specified on the Website. These dates shall be referred to as the “Opening Date” and “Closing Date” respectively. All times and dates referred to are the times and dates in London, England.

3.2. If it is absolutely necessary to do so due to circumstances beyond the control of the Promoter and not to do so would be unfair to those who have already entered the competition, the Promoter may change the Closing Date or correct an incorrectly displayed Opening Date on the Website or App. If the Promoter does change the Closing Date of a competition, the new details will be displayed on the Website and App and all Entrants will be notified by email.

3.3. All competition entries must be received by the Promoter no earlier than the specified time on the Opening Date and no later than the specified time on the Closing Date. All competition entries received outside these times may be disqualified without a refund.

3.4. To enter the competition using the Online Entry Route:

Draw-Based Competitions

(1) go to the Website and view the competition question;

(2) select your answer to the competition question and desired number of entries; then

(3) complete the checkout process and submit the online entry form; then

(4) complete the payment to receive your order confirmation.

Draw Based Competitions

4.1. All Entrants who have entered a Draw Based Competition in accordance with paragraph 3 above will be placed into a draw and the winner will be chosen using a verifiably random draw process (the “Winner”). The random draw will take place on the Closing Date (“Draw Date”).

4.2. All Entrants will have their names and ticket numbers put into a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will be visible during the live draw.

4.3. In the event of the draw being disrupted for any reason or having an inconclusive outcome, we can at our sole and unfettered discretion run the draw again, either through the same random draw process or an alternative method.

Instant Win Competitions

4.4 All Entrants who have entered an Instant Win Competition in accordance with paragraph 3 above will be assigned a ticket (“Ticket Assignment”). Winning tickets will be selected prior to the start date of the draw (“Winning Ticket Selection”). Ticket Assignment and Winning Ticket Selection will both be performed using a verifiably random process.

For help with entries, please email us at

How the draws are conducted

4.5. The draw is ruled to be valid and complete and therefore results stand as they are, as long as the balls come out with no interruption. If an unsold number is generated we will reload the chambers and keep re-spinning them until a number is generated that has been sold.

  1. Eligibility

5.1. The competition is open to anyone aged 18 years or over who are resident in a country where it is lawful for the Entrant to enter this competition and for the Promoter to promote this competition and award the Prize to the Entrant, except:

(a) employees of the Promoter;

(b) employees of agents or suppliers of the Promoter, who are professionally connected with the competition or its administration; or

(c) members of the immediate families or households of (a) and (b) above.

5.2. By entering the competition, you confirm that you are eligible to do so and eligible to claim any prize you may win. The Promoter may require you to provide proof that you are eligible to enter the competition (see paragraph 7.5). If you fail to provide the Promoter with any such proof or other information that they may require within 7 days of a request by the Promoter, you may be disqualified from the competition and an alternative Winner may be selected.

5.3. The Promoter will not accept competition entries that are:

(a) automatically generated by computer;

(b) submitted by agents, third parties or syndicated entries; or

(b) incomplete.

5.4. The Promoter reserves all rights to disqualify you if:

(a) the Promoter reasonably believes that you have acted in breach of these terms and conditions;

(b) the Promoter reasonably believes that you have acted in concert with other persons (including members of your household), or have submitted entries purporting to be in the name of another person, with the intention of circumventing these terms and conditions, or breaching any applicable laws or regulations;

(c) it is, or has become, illegal for the Promoter to promote the competition to you and/or award the Prize to you;

(d) you are found to be abusing or tampering with the operation of the prize competition, the Website, the App, or entering using fraudulent means; or

(e) you are found to have posted an entry or comment to the Promoter’s Facebook page that is, in the Promoter’s opinion, inappropriate, offensive or upsetting to other Entrants or the Promoter, or is contrary to any applicable law.

5.5. Refunds will only be provided in exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of the Promoter. No refunds of the entry fee will be given:

(a) if, following your entry into the competition, you subsequently find out that you are not eligible to enter the competition or claim the Prize; or

(b) if you are disqualified from the competition by the Promoter in accordance with these terms and conditions.5.6. Entrants can enter each competition as many times as they wish until the maximum number of entries per user have been submitted and until the maximum number of entries for the competition have been received.

5.6. Only one Account per Household is allowed.

  1. The prize

6.1. There may be one or more prizes available for each competition, which are described on the relevant competition pages of the Website/App (the “Prize”). Details of the Prizes are, to the best of the Promoter’s knowledge, information and belief, correct as at the Opening Date.

6.2. Non-cash Prizes are subject to availability. The Promoter reserves the right to substitute the prize with a prize of equal or greater value. If any details of the Prize change, the Promoter will endeavour to update the Website/App as soon as reasonably possible.

6.3. The Promoter makes no representations and gives no warranties about the Prize, its value, its condition or any other information provided on the Website/App. The Promoter makes no representations and gives no warranties that the information provided on the Website/App is accurate, complete or up to date.

6.4. If the Prize is a vehicle:

(a) the Promoter will, unless otherwise stated, ensure it comes with a valid MOT (if required);

(b) no insurance is included with the Prize and it is the Winner’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle is adequately insured prior to taking it on the public roads (if it is legal to do so);

(c) the Promoter has no responsibility for the Prize(s) once it has been delivered. The Winner is solely responsible for complying with all relevant laws and regulations relating to the vehicle, its operation and ensuring they operate it in a safe and responsible manner;

(d) no vehicle/road tax is included;

(e) the Winner is solely responsible for ensuring they have all necessary safety equipment and clothing (for example, helmets, boots and gloves) and for wearing them whilst operating the vehicle.

6.5. Other non-cash Prizes may be subject to additional conditions, which will be set out on the relevant competition page of the Website.

6.6. The Prize may be supplied by a third-party supplier (the “Supplier”). Details of the Supplier (if any) will be provided on the Website.

6.7. The Promoter reserves the right to substitute the Prize for an alternative cash prize (“Cash Prize”) in the following circumstances:

(a) the Prize becomes unavailable;

(b) other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Promoter make it necessary to do so;

6.8. The prize is not negotiable or transferable.

6.9. All costs and expenses not included within the Prize are the responsibility of the Winner.

  1. Winners

7.1. The decision of the Promoter is final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into.

7.2. The Winner’s full name will be announced during the live draw (for a Draw Based Competition).

7.3. The Promoter will contact the winner of a Draw Based Competition personally as soon as practicable after the Draw Date, using the telephone number or email address provided with the competition entry. The winner of a Prize in an Instant Win Game will receive an email and must follow the instructions contained in that email in order to claim the Prize. Prizes of site credit will be applied to an Entrant’s account automatically.

7.4. The Promoter will make all reasonable efforts to contact the winner. If the winner cannot be contacted or has not claimed the Prize within 21 days of the Draw Date, the Promoter reserves the right to offer the Prize to another Entrant (“The Alternate Winner“) selected at random in the same method as before from the remaining correct entries received before the Closing Date. The Alternate Winner shall have 21 days from notification of their status by the Promoters to communicate their acceptance of the Prize. This process shall continue until a winner accepts the Prize.

7.5. If a selected Winner has won a prize with a value of £1,000 or above, the Winner must provide valid proof of identity and address which matches the name and address used to register with the Promoter to claim the Prize. If the Winner does not provide such proof of identity and address within 14 days of a request by the Promoter, the Promoter may conduct its own investigation, and if the Promoter cannot verify the identity of the Winner within 3 months of the applicable draw, Promoter reserves the right to offer the Prize to an Alternate Winner.

7.6. The Promoter must either publish or make available information that indicates that a valid award took place. To comply with this obligation the Promoter will publish the full name and county/town of residence of major prize winners on the Website unless you object in accordance with paragraph 7.7 below.

7.7. If you object to any or all of your full name, county/town of residence and winning entry being published or made available, please contact the Promoter at prior to the Closing Date. In such circumstances, the Promoter must still provide this information to the Advertising Standards Authority on request.

  1. Claiming the prize

8.1. You must claim the Prize personally. The Prize may not be claimed by a third party on your behalf. Details of how the Prize will be delivered to you (or made available for collection) are published on the Website, or available on request.

8.2. If your personal details, including contact information, change at any time you should notify the Promoter as soon as reasonably possible. Notifications should be sent to the Promoter via email to Notifications must include details of the competition you have entered, your old details and your new details. If your details change within 10 days of the Closing Date, the Promoter may use your old details if it needs to try to contact you.

8.3. Any Cash Prize will be transferred directly to the Winner’s nominated bank account. The winner must provide evidence that it is the sole or joint beneficiary of the bank account. Failure to do so within 14 days of accepting the prize will result in disqualification from the competition and the winner forfeiting the prize. In such circumstances, the Promoter reserves the right to offer the prize to the next eligible Entrant selected from the correct entries that were received before the Closing Date.

8.4. The Promoter does not accept any responsibility and is not liable to pay any compensation if you are unable to or do not take up the prize.

8.5. If the Prize is a vehicle and the winner has completed all eligibility checks, the prize will be transferred to the winner by the Promoter using the V5 for each vehicle. This can be completed after the vehicle is handed over.

  1. Limitation of liability

If Promoter fails to comply with these terms and conditions, Promoter is responsible for loss or damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of Promoter's breach of these terms and conditions or its negligence, but it is not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable if they were an obvious consequence of the promoter's breach or if they were contemplated by you and the Promoter at the time that you entered the competition.

  1. Data protection and publicity

10.1. By entering the competition, you agree that any personal information provided by you with the competition entry may be held and used by the Promoter or its agents and suppliers for the purposes of administering and managing the competition and prizes and of informing you of future competitions and our competition schedules or as otherwise set out in the Promoter’s Privacy Policy, a copy of which is available on the Website.

10.2. If you submit content it may be used for reasonable publicity by the Promoter. If you do not wish to participate in any publicity, you must notify the Promoter. This will not affect your chances of winning the Prize. If you do not agree to participate in any publicity about the competition we may still provide your details to the Advertising Standards Authority. This is a legal requirement that we must comply with to prove that the competition has been properly administered and the Prize awarded.

10.3. Please note that under data protection laws you are entitled to request that the Promoter does not contact you and removes your details from its database. If you make such a request you will be withdrawing from the competition as it will not be possible to contact you in the event that you are the winner. You will not be entitled to any refund of any entry fee if you withdraw from the competition. If you do not wish any of your personal details to be used by the Promoter for promotional purposes, please email the Promoter

  1. 11.General

11.1. The Promoter reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time. The latest version of these terms and conditions will be available on the Website.

11.2. If there is any reason to believe that there has been a breach of these terms and conditions, the Promoter may, at its sole discretion, reserve the right to exclude you from participating in the competition and any future competitions.

11.3. The Promoter reserves the right to hold void, suspend, cancel, or amend the prize competition at any time if circumstances beyond its control make this unavoidable. If the Competition is cancelled, the Promoters will return the Entry Fees to each Entrant (either by bank card refund or by cheque and in one combined payment where several entries have been made by a competitor). Where the Entry Fee is returned, the Promoter shall have no further liability to the Entrant or to any other person.

11.4. The competitions on the Website are in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Meta, Apple or Google. By entering the competitions, Entrants agree that neither Meta, Apple nor Google have any liability and are not responsible for the administration or promotion of the competitions.

11.5. These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law. As a consumer, each participant will benefit from any mandatory provisions of the law of the country in which he or she is resident. Nothing in these terms and conditions, including this paragraph, affects an Entrant’s rights as a consumer to rely on such mandatory provisions of local law.

11.6. The courts of England and Wales shall have jurisdiction over any claims arising from these terms and conditions. However, an Entrant who is resident in an EU country may choose to bring proceedings in the courts of the EU country in which he or she is resident.

11.7. You should print a copy of these terms and conditions and keep them for your records.