Spotting London's Supercars

Spotting London's Supercars

Journalist Harry Rutter gets documentary commissioned for Sky TV channel - Featuring The Cannon Run - Not to be missed... Spotting London's Supercars!

Journalist Harry Rutter gets documentary commissioned for Sky TV channel - Featuring The Cannon Run - Not to be missed... Spotting London's Supercars!

Spotting London’s Supercars will air on Tuesday 21st 11am, Sky channel 365 on Spotlight TV as well as Freesat channel 500, with highlights being posted online for free.

Harry Rutter says it is “a dream come true” to get his show ‘Spotting London’s Supercars’ on TV. Production begins at the start of 2021 after several delays due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the show is set to feature a few famous faces.

Harry said: “This is a project of mine that has been in the pipeline for a very long time, I’ve been working on show’s concept since 2017. It really is a childhood dream come true to say that I have a TV programme coming to Sky and I’m so excited to start work on production."

“There is a lot of exciting stuff planned that I am not allowed to announce just yet, but I promise that every petrolhead is going to love it.”

The documentary puts a spotlight on the UK capital’s supercar spotters who snap the city’s rich and famous.

Harry filming with a Ferrari in the background. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Archant

Harry began his career at March-based 20Twenty Productions where he worked on several of their films and projects after studying media at Neale-Wade Academy.

The 21-year-old, who also owns a celebrity PR and publicity agency, has worked with the channel before which airs shows about music, movies and more.

Harry added: “I am so happy that Spotlight TV will be the first home for my first self-produced TV show under my own company.

I’ve worked on several television shows under production companies over the years, but this is a first for me to have my own company behind the show. We have worked with the channel before and it seemed only right to work with them again for our original production debut."

“Spotlight TV has a great reputation for bringing on celebrities and online superstars with great hosts such as Hayley Palmer and Louise Gookey.”

“My show will carry on that tradition as some big names have already agreed to take part in the show which we’re all excited to make.”

To keep up to date with the show, visit: @spottingsupercarstv

Jay Cannon Said:
"After 7 years of growing and building the cannon run it’s actually amazing to have been featured on sky tv & spotting Supercars! I’d personally like to thank my friend Harry the producer of the show for giving me the opportunity to join him and his cast!!

2022 is set to be amazing! Stay tuned for more action!"

The Make UK TV original, by director Harry Rutter, will be available on Sky channel 365, Freesat channel 500 and internet connected Freeview channel 264.

The show follows Britain’s ‘Carparazzi’; young automotive photographers who are not interested in the rich and famous people, but the cars that they drive.

Speaking after making his director and executive producer debut, Harry said: “It all just feels real now and I’m so excited for people to watch the show.

“It has been a year in the making and the entire programme is full of my blood sweat and tears,” he joked. “This really is a dream come true.”

The show’s production time was cut in half when the Government announced a Tier 3 lockdown in London at the beginning of 2021.

Harry added: “We were left with no choice but to sit there doing nothing, we posted some engagement posts on social media but didn’t want to lose the buzz.

“Finally, the Government announced the film and TV restart scheme which gave us the green light to begin filming across the UK and our beautiful capital city.”

Make UK TV had to follow strict production guidelines and were assisted by local police forces during filming days to ensure a Covid safe working environment.

“The police have been great, the process was fairly smooth sailing as we were well prepared, lots of things in place including PPE and strict track and trace during shoots.

“I wouldn’t change the process at all, I’m just so glad it’s all come together now and finally people will get to watch what we’ve been working on all year.”

Harry added: “There’s something for everyone, from hypercars to supercars and even a highly modified TikTok famous Nissan Micra – if you love cars, you’ll love Spotting London’s Supercars.”