The Mega Run is our flagship event which takes on the wonders of Europe!
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As 2024 approaches, we stand on the cusp of a monumental milestone in TCR's decade-long journey.

This achievement is nothing short of monumental, and we are profoundly honored to have secured a venue of global renown to serve as the hallowed ground for our Launch Party of The Mega Run, our Start Line, and the epicenter of our 10-year anniversary celebration.

The Mega Run, our flagship event, embarks on a grand adventure through the wonders of Europe—a tradition cherished by those who've partaken in The Cannon Run or followed our journey over the years.

Reflecting on the memorable night we had at HRH Royal Windsor Barracks last year, you cannot help but be transported back to a time steeped in captivating entertainment. Accomplished singers, graceful dancers, daring fire performers, and the resounding cadence of 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, guardsman of the Kings very own Household Division graced the stage. It was an authentic British evening, set against the backdrop of a historic venue laden with cherished memories.

In pursuit of surpassing the grandeur of the preceding year's venue, we engaged in extensive discussions with Captain Dean Hughes of The Royal Windsor Barracks. Through these deliberations, it became evident that only two venues could rise to the occasion: Buckingham Palace and The Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst. At last, Buckingham Palace, due to a concurrent event involving HRH, was unattainable. Therefore, we turned our gaze toward The Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst.

The Academy's illustrious history is a tapestry woven with valor and tradition. Established in 1801, Sandhurst has been the crucible of leadership for the British Army. It stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of military excellence, having nurtured the minds and character of countless officers who have gone on to shape the course of history.

The academy's architectural splendour and the awe-inspiring grounds surrounding it evoke a sense of reverence. A stately road, flanked by the regal statue of Queen Elizabeth, leads the way to Sandhurst's iconic white pillars.

Picture this: a hundred supercars, aglow with anticipation, poised before the iconic white columns of Sandhurst. The night sky ablaze with fireworks, painting the heavens in vibrant colours, an amazing backdrop to the awe-inspiring lineup of vehicles. As you step forward, greeted with delicious Canapés and Champagne, each guest bedecked in their most dapper attire, immersing themselves in the spirit of a 007 Secret Service-themed soirée.

The Kings Royal guards, guardians of tradition, stand proud, ready to welcome you into the grand halls of The Academy Building. After an interlude of champagne, canapés, and fireworks, the next performance unfolds, featuring none other than The Kings Royal Band, poised at the forefront of this historic building.

For a Cannon Run, the night is incomplete without our own bespoke performances. And so, with a flourish, we move into live sets by DJs, beautiful tones of vocalists, and the mesmerising talents of performers, culminating in an after-party enclosed within the sergeants' mess.

Yet, bear in mind, this distinguished venue is extremely high security. A select number of 200 shall partake in this fateful night. Tickets for this monumental event now pulse with life on our website under 'events 24'.

To all members of our cherished Cannon Run family, both seasoned and newly-acquainted, we extend our arm and hope you can all join us. Do not delay— book your place today. For queries, call 0800 2461745. A night awaits, bound for eternity, against the backdrop of Sandhurst's storied legacy.