The Wrap Sanctuary

The Wrap Sanctuary

Brand new partner on board for the 2022 season, leading the field in Automotive Wraps!

We have a brand new partner on board for the 2022 season, we would like to introduce all of you to The Wrap Sanctuary!

The Guys at TWS are leading the field in Automotive Wraps and have already completed several amazing supercars including this stunning Ferrari 488 – in Hexis Satin Glitter Yellow.

The guys will be manufacturing all of our sticker packs for the 22 events using material provided by HEXIS UK.

Two of our very good clients are already booked in with TWS at a discounted rate ahead of our first event – Spring Break! Sheik Ken’s Awesome Huracan STO and Chris AKA Vancouver Leed’s Audi R8 GT!

Wrap Sanctuary will be offering discounted rates for all Cannon clients ahead of each event which ties in great with our award for Best Dressed Car on the events that we host!

Mega Run usually sees a big effort to win this award, last year this AWESOME Ferrari F12 won the award and this is exactly what TWS are capable of producing!

A wrap sanctuary colour change vehicle wrap will transform the look of your vehicle, by using our removable vinyl, giving you all of the benefits of a re-spray, as well as adding a protective layer to the existing paintwork. When having your car wrapped you also have the choice of wrapping just the external part of your car, or also adding the door shuts and returns, this means that when you were to open the doors on your car the original paint colour would not been seen.

For more info on TWS please visit their website or dm them via social media!

Stay tuned to our socials over the next 3 weeks for exciting updates on our 1000hp Twin Turbo Aventador, the guys are taking delivery of it next week for a one off CRAZY printed wrap that fits very well with Mr Cannon’s previous designs!