BODYFENCE PPF by HEXIS has been developed for automotive applications to protect the paint work on executive, luxury, super and hyper-cars.
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BODYFENCE PPF by HEXIS has been developed for automotive applications to protect the paint work on executive, luxury, super and hyper-cars. Paint technology has changed from hard solvent based paints to water-based paints without lead.

Hence automotive grade paints have become softer and now there is a need to protect a vehicles paintwork from stone chips, scratches, scuffs and other unwanted damage.

The BODYFENCE® product range now consists of a family of premium paint protection films manufactured in France, which include BODYFENCEX® (Ultra-gloss X technology), BFBLACK® (Ultragloss black with X technology), BODYFENCEM® (Matt), BODYFENCE® (Gloss), BODYFENCEP® (Gloss track pack) and BLACKLIGHT® (Grey tint for lights).

BODYFENCEX® is a 180µm ultra clear, ultra smooth, ultra high gloss cast polyurethane with an automotive industrial grade solvent acrylic adhesive. It has the ultimate in self-healing properties as light scuffs or scratches will disappear in-front of your eyes, without applying any heat. The amazing hydrophobic properties of BODYFENCEX® help water bead off the vehicle and keeps the surface looking cleaner for longer. Its anti-stain properties are designed to keep the ultra-high gloss product surface looking crystal clear, which is perfect for white and black vehicles. All this backed by the 10- year comprehensive warranty.

Body Fence was fitted to my Aventador 2 years ago, it’s been on 2 European tours and multiple UK trips and the paint is as good as when I purchased it!!

Super car Owner and Enthusiast

BODYFENCEX® is not only for automotive applications, it can also be used for protecting any surface of luxury value like designer watches (Apple or Rolex), designer shoes (e.g. Christian Louboutin red soles) high costs marble or glass surfaces on tables and counters.

All BODYFENCE® products can be supplied in a pre-cut template form, ready to be installed onto any vehicle. These pre-cut templates are called BODYKIT®. Using the HEXIS DESIGN software along with the vast HEXIS template library they can supply pre-cut templates to install onto most popular automotive vehicles on the road today. Not only full cars, but custom made templates can also be supplied.

About HEXIS UK Ltd.

HEXIS UK Ltd are the exclusive distributor for HEXIS brand products and BODYFENCE PPF in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.
HEXIS brand products are supplied by HEXIS UK Ltd into the sign making, automotive, health, rail, digital printing, architectural, internal decoration and arts & crafts industries.
Please call our customer service department on 01543 411221 or email to receive any further specific information you may require.